deTraci Regula

deTraci Regula, Author, "The Mysteries of Isis: Her Worship & Magick"
Much thanks is given to deTraci for exposing so many people to Isis through her wonderful books and who set the ground-work for the Temple of Isis Utah by granting charters and degrees to the Utah Isian who did the work of the goddess' temple. 

A student of the sacred sciences since childhood, 
deTraci Regula explores the mystical through 
writing, travel, and art. She is the author of “The 
Mysteries of Isis”, “Sounding the Sistrum”, and 
the creator of the Sacred Scarab Oracle. She has 
been a Priestess of Isis with the Fellowship of 
Isis and the Temple of Isis since 1983 and has 
traveled, with sistrum in hand, to sacred sites 
around the world. (At various times and places, 
airport security has mistaken her sistrum for an 
abacus, kitchen utensil, or very oversize necklace 
pendant.) Inspired by a Catholic University’s 
extensive collection of whole aisles of books 
devoted to various aspects of the Virgin Mary, 
with Justin Howard she has founded Isis-House 
Publishing with the hope of similarly expanding 
and disseminating knowledge about the goddess