Hymns to Auset

"Prayer of Awakening" by Padiusiri

Awake, awake, awake,

Awake in peace,

Lady of Peace.

Rise thou in peace,

Rise thou in beauty.

Goddess of Life,

Beautiful in heaven,

Heaven is in peace.

Earth is in peace.

O Goddess,

Daughter of Nut,

Daughter of Geb,

Beloved of Osiris,

Goddess rich in names!

All praise to You.

All praise to You.

I adore You.

I adore You,

Lady Isis!

(Egyptian Version)

Nehes, nehes, nehes,

Nehes em hotep,

Nehes em neferu

Nebet hotepet

Weben em hotep,

Weben em nefuru,

Nutjert en Ankh,

Nefer em pet!

Pet em hotep

Tu em hotep.

Nutjert sat Nut

Sat Get,

Merit Ausar;

Nutjert asha renu!

Anekh brak.

Anekh brak.

Tu a atu.

Tu a atu.

Nebet Aset.

From The Mysteries of Isis: Her Worship and Magick by deTraci Regula (St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1995), pp. 4.