2021 FOI Liturgy Study Circle

Fellowship of Isis (FOI) Liturgy Study Circle 2021 CalendarBased Adepti Spiral of the FOI Spiral on the Star of IshtarEvery 2nd Sunday of the month. 2 pm Mountain / 1 pm Pacific Standard Time
www.isisofutah.orgFree, all welcome to attend or attuneDegree sponsorship offered via FOI Center(s).From FOI Liturgy booklets by Olivia Robertson published onFellowship of Isis Central (www.fellowshipofisiscentral.com)
Fellowship of Isis Liturgy
Please attune; blessings of Isis-Aset of 10,000 Names!
1. January: Flamma Vestae. Initiation into a Fellowship of Isis Iseum2. February: Festival of the Hydrophoria3. March: The Athenaea4. April: Alma Mater. The Homing of Children5. May: Festival of Wesak6. June: Festival of Astarte and Adonis7. July: Festival of Opet8. August: Porta Mystica. The Soul Enters New Spheres9. September: The Eleusinian Mysteries10. October: Dulce Domum. The Soul Returns Home11. November: Communion with the World of Spirits12. December: The Tree of Life
Olivia Robertson, Fellowship of Isis (FOI) Co-Founder and ArchPriestess, is theauthor of the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy. More information about the liturgy can be found here: Creation of the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy
Liturgy Booklet Link:
Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess
Star of Ishtar Diagram from "Panthea" by Olivia Robertson. 1988. (c) & courtesy FOI Central. Blessings