Druid Clan of Dana

Grove of Isis & Utah- Druid Clan of Dana was founded October 2011

The Druid Clan of Dana is one of the daughter societies of the Fellowship of Isis, also founded by Lady Olivia Robertson, her brother, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, and his wife, Pamela Durdin Robertson. Like the Fellowship of Isis, it was founded at Clonegal Castle in Southern Ireland. In the Fellowship of Isis Manifesto it reads, "The Fellowship seeks to develop friendliness, psychic gifts, happiness, and compassion for all life. The Druid Clan of Dana develops Nature's psychic gifts."

Attunement with the Goddess Dana can be seen by psychic attuenement with the "Goddess of All Nature." Much information included on the "Isis of Utah" Webpage will connect with the local goddess Uta-Ha, Isis-Goddess of Nature, and especially the great Dana. The charter the local grove recieves was through ArchDruidess Rt. Rev. Lady Olivia Robertson and ArchDruidess deTraci Regula at the grove's foundation ceremony during the weekend of the innaugral Isis Fest in 2011.

More great detailed information about the Druid Clan of Dana can be found at the Fellowship of Isis Central/Druid Clan of Dana Webpage.

Also through the publication, "Mirror of Isis", Selects Inserts by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson on the Goddess Dana

The Druid Clan of Dana tenets are Psychism, Spiritual Vision, Creativity, Sacred Arts, Nature's Magic and Sciences.

Foundation Ceremony of Grove of Isis & Uta and consecration of ArchDruid Kasey E. Conder, Inaugral "Isis Fest" October 2011.