The Goddess Utah

"The Goddess Uta-Ha"

by Lady Olivia Robertson

Copyrighted by artist. Used with permission.

The image of "The Goddess Uta-Ha" originally appeared in Issue Number 143 Brigantia 2012 of the Isian News

This issue can be found at the following link: Isian News

Utah is reknowned world-wide for its many natural wonders and national parks including Zions, Bryce, Canyonlands, and Arches. It also is home of the largest inland body of salt water in the world, the Great Salt Lake, which was once part of the ancient "Lake Bonneville". It is also home of the Wasatch and Unitah mountain ranges.

Ancient Fremont & Puebloans were some of the oldest known people who lived in the land called Utah, and Utah also has some of the oldest Native American Artwork.

The Goddess Uta-Ha is connected to the spirit of the land and the mountains. Mt. Timpanogas, the second highest mountain peak in the state, images "Sleeping Woman" and possess with the "Great Heart". Lady Olivia chartered, through inspiratioinal dreamwork with the native goddess of the land, the newly founded grove of Isis & Uta in Salt Lake City. The grove works with Isis of 10,000 Names to promote the beauties and knowledge of the goddess of Utah and her many natural wonders. Through studying and researching the native wildlife and recording and deciphering nature's heiroglyphs, the Druidic Grove works with the "Goddess of All-Nature".

Please enjoy the links below. Those wishing to connect with our work or to share their insights may do so freely to ArchDruid at kaseyisian (at) Blessings of Uta-Ha.

Zions National Park

Timpanogas Cave National Monument

Antelope Island on Great Salt Lake

Bryce Canyon

Horsehoe Canyon/Canyonlands National Park

Arches National Park

Fremont Indian State Park