Iseum of Muth

Iseum of Muth

Fellowship of Isis


By Kasey Conder, Priest of Isis

Chartered by deTraci Regula, ArchPriestess, Fellowship of Isis

The Iseum of Muth has focuSed upon developing communion with Goddess Isis of 10,000 Names and Muth the great mother Goddess from Karnak.

The Iseum initiates new members into the Iseum only between August and October each year. The Iseum offers and has ordained new Priest/esses into the Temple & Fellowship of Isis. The Iseum works the FOI Liturgy. The Iseum has worked out of "Dea", "Panthea", and "Psyche" by Lady Olivia Robertson within the FOI Liturgy.

The Iseum focuses upon spiritual development outside the public rites of the Temple of Isis Utah.

Inquiries can be directed to kaseyisian (at)

About photos: TOP: Pagan Pride 2009, "Rite of the Bennu" with Melissa Dionne, Priestess of Isis, and Kasey Conder, Priest of Isis.

MIDDLE: Sirius rite at Odd Fellows Hall in Sandy, Utah with (L to R) Anna Versari, Alexius Gallegos, Melissa Dionne, and Kasey Conder

BOTTOM: Melissa Dionne, Alexius Gallegos, and Nathan Neville at Iseum Temple space after FOI Rite.