Utah Fellowship of Isis

The Fellowship of Isis in Utah is growing!

Under the blessings of Lady Olivia Robertson and deTraci Regula, the local Isians continue to offer public rites to Isis and other events to educate others about her mysteries.

No single person in Utah speaks for the Fellowship of Isis itself, but there is a continual interest for FOI Members to connect with the Goddess and God.

The Druid Grove of Isis & Uta works to promoting understanding of the wildlife of the valley of the great goddess Uta of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Utah is filled with so many amazing natural temples to the Goddess with many different native traditions. Utah is home of the Great Salt Lake, Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon National, Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park and more.

For one who has opened their psychic eye to the great goddess of all nature, it is so easy to pick up her divine frequency. Many thanks is given to Lady Olivia Robertson who has opened up so many peoples' eyes to the goddess of the land.

If you have any info you would like shared or posted on this page about native goddesses or spirits of Utah please send the information to templeofisisutah (at) gmail.com