The Lyceum of Auset & Heru em Aakhuti

The Lyceum offers Magi Degree (Hierophant) training as well as understanding and teaching the sacred sciences connected with Isis of 10,000 Names. The Lyceum is connected to mysteries of Isis, Horus the Elder, Tefnut, and the energy of Giza.

The below course is currently being offered at Crone's Hollow in Salt Lake City. Inquires can be directed to kaseyisian (at)

Per Ankh

House of Life

Mystery School

Spirit Body Activation Series

To the Ancient Egyptians, the spirit and human body, was much more complex system of energy and calcualtions then commonly found in modern western spirituality. The potential of the spirit was far greater than found in many modern orthodox faiths; reaching a much greater state of empowerment. The soul, to the Ancient Egyptians, had the ability to reach a state of such grandeur to shine as an imperishable star in the heavens forevermore and become one with the gods.

This series will focus on spiritual bodies found in the Ancient Egyptian system of Magic found within its ancient temples, commonly called heka. The focus of the course is help the seekers, no matter what path they prescribe to, in their own unique spiritual development.

The course will encompass many occult techniques for spiritual development and awakening (which could very well originated from Ancient Egypt) which includes and not limited to:

Psychic Development,

Astral Projection,


Self-Realization & Awakening,

Understanding ourselves and our dreams,

Past-life Soul Searching,

Deciphering Nature's Hieroglyphs,

and techniques to open spiritual portals and commune with nature spirits.

Any participant can join the series at any point as this will be a continual series. It is encouraged though that the aspirant continue the course for activation of all spirit bodies. This course will continually focus upon "knowing thyself", which aims highly upon awakening oneself to their full potential of a what a great divine spirit being they truly are. The Egyptian Spiritual Bodies and concepts to be focused upon are:

The Akh (Luminous spiritual body),

Sa (Universal Life Force),

Ma'at (Cosmic Order and Balance),

Khat (The Flesh and Bones),

Sekhem (Personal flow of Star Power),

Heka (Magical Words and Incantations),

Ba (The Astral Body),

Sahu (Ancestral Spirit),

Ab (The Heart),

Ren (Sacred Magical Name),

Djed (Communication, Intelligence, Vindication),

Khabit (Elemental Body and Shadow),

and the

Ka (Spiritual Twin, Vitality, Etheric Body).

Sources: "Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt" and "Sacred Tradition of Ancient Egypt" by Rosemary Clark. "Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess" By Olivia Robertson. "Mysteries of Isis" by deTraci Regula. "Osiris & the Egyptian Resurrection: Vol I & II" by E. A. Wallis Budge. "Land of Osiris" by Stephen Mehler. "Awakening Osiris" by Ellis.

The course is $10.00. Please arrive early and wear comfortable attire. The course will be facilitated by Kasey E. Conder, Hierophant of the Temple & Fellowship of Isis in Utah, in conjunction with the Lyceum of Aset & Heru em Aakhuti (College of Isis), Fellowship of Isis.

Blessings of the Star Goddess of Truth, Isis.