2015/2016 Liturgy Calendar



Lyceum of Isis of Uta, Druid Grove of Isis & Uta, Tara Priory of the Breath of Isis

Crone’s Hollow 2pm Mountain Standard Time, second Sunday of each month

2015 FOI Liturgy:

“Psyche, Magical Journeys of the Goddess”

by Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder Fellowship of Isis


Level “Divine - Dulce Domum (receiving communion directly from the Divine Source)

corresponds to fire (Qabalistic level of Atziluth)” Dulce Domum is colored Red to Violet. Dana (Land of Heart's Desire. Initiation) and Brighid (The Spear of Destiny. Fire)

“Magical Journey to The Galactic Dragon.” 4th Sphere ORACLE OF THE GODDESS TIAMAT


Ray I, Red, corresponding to Mars, Northeast

Magical Journey to The Winged Pegasus. Ray I ORACLE OF THE GODDESS CLEITO


Ray II, Orange, corresponding to Venus, East

Magical Journey to Cassiopeia. Ray II Ritual no. 9 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ALA


Spiritual - Porta Mystica (awakening to our true spiritual path) corresponds to water

(Qabalistic level of Briah) Porta Mystica is colored Yellow to Orange, Brighid Facing the Goddess, Dana the Cauldron of Plenty. WATER

Magical Journey to The Radiant Sun. 3rd Sphere Ritual no. 3 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS HATHOR


Ray III, Yellow, corresponding to Mercury, Southeast

Magical Journey to Ursa Minor. Ray III Ritual no. 12 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ADITI


Ray IV, Green, corresponding to Jupiter, South

Magical Journey to Sirius, Star of Isis. Ray IV Ritual no. 5 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ISIS


Astral or Psychic - Flamma Vestae (awakening our psychic gifts) corresponds to air

(Qabalistic level of Yetzirah) Flamma Vestae is colored Blue to Green. Dana of the Paths of the Sun, Moon and Sky. Morrigan of the Sword of Light, AIR.

Magical Journey to The Triple Moon. 2nd Sphere Ritual no. 2 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS NGAME


Ray V, Blue, corresponding to Saturn, Southwest

Magical Journey to Ursa Major. Ray V Ritual no. 10 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ELOHA


Ray VI, Indigo, corresponding to Uranus & Inner Sun, West

Magical Journey to The Southern Cross. Ray VI Ritual no. 6 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS HAUMEA


Physical - Alma Mater (awakening to our true relationship to the physical world)

corresponds to earth (Qabalistic level of Assiah) Inward around the spiral (to gradually awaken union with the Divine Source) Alma Mater is colored Violet to Indigo, Morrigan Gateway of the Sidhe, Earth. Tara of the Lia Fail, Stone of Destiny.

Magical Journey to The Matrix of the Earth. 1st Sphere Ritual no. 1 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS GAIA


Ray VII, Violet, corresponding to Neptune and Moon, Northwest

Magical Journey to Draco. Ray VII Ritual no. 11 ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ANAHITA


Ray 0 & VIII, White and Rainbow, corresponding to Earth and Pluto, North

Magical Journey to Aquila and Lyra. ORACLE OF THE GODDESS NU KUA


Psyche by Olivia Robertson FOI Liturgy

FOI Central: https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisisliturgy/psyche-magical-journeys-of-the-goddess

Star of Ishtar – The Eight Rays


Star of Ishtar – The Four Levels


Psyche coverart by Olivia Robertson, courtesy FOI Central, used with permission.


"The Sphinx of Fortuna" by Olivia Robertson, FOI Central Copyright

2016 Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Circle

“Fortuna, Creation Through the Goddess”

By Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

Always the second Sunday of every month.

All welcome to attune or attend in person.

Crone’s Hollow 2470 S Main St Salt Lake City, USA (Lyceum of Isis of Utah) 2pm Mountain

Isis Oasis Sanctuary 20889 Geyserville, California, USA (Lyceum of Isis Oasis) 1 pm Pacific

2016 Calendar:

January: The Tablets of Fate Ritual No. 9 Oracle of the Goddess Innanna

February: Pillar of Fire Ritual No. 11 Oracle of the Goddess Marama & Oracle of the Goddess Haumea

March: The Weighing of the Heart Ritual No. 7 Oracle of the Goddess Anahita

April: Throne of Destiny Ritual No. 4 Oracle of the Goddess Juno

May: The Power Users Ritual No. 3 Oracle of the Goddess Kali

June: The Plumed Serpent Awakens Ritual No. 8 Oracle of the Goddess Maya

July: The Shining Twins Ritual No. 10 Oracle of the Goddess Mawu & Oracle of the God Li-sa

August: Cone of Creation Ritual No. 12 Oracle of the Goddess Isis

September: Monkey Pilgrim Ritual No. 2 Oracle of the Goddess Nu Kua

October: Riddle of the Sphinx Ritual No. 1 Oracle of the Goddess Themis

November: The Rainbow Bridge Ritual No. 5 Oracle of the Goddess Nerthus

December: Cesara's Ark Ritual No. 6 Oracle of the Goddess Magna Mater

FOI Central Liturgy: https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisisliturgy/fortuna-creation-through-the-goddess

Introduction to “Fortuna” by Olivia Robertson: https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisisliturgy/fortuna-creation-through-the-goddess---book-introduction

Blessings of Isis of 10,000 Names