The Noble Order of Tara

Tara By Olivia Robertson. From Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess

"Tara is the Goddess of mountains and hills all over the world. A hill, whether Nun of Egypt, Mount Meru, Olympus, Mount Leinster, Mount Shasta, Glastonbury Tor, is based on earth, and is the place of Tara where earth meets sky. We need to climb our own hill to the sky; yet not forgetting where we came from - the earth."

From "A Link between Heaven and Earth" by Olivia Robertson

As stated in the Fellowship of Isis Manifesto, the work of the Noble Order of Tara is conservation of nature. Founded at Clonegal Castle Ireland, priories from across the globe attune with Goddess, God and local spirits to raise awareness to conserve the planet. Mounds are sacred sites of Tara. More detailed information about the Noble Order of Tara by Olivia Robertson can be found at the Noble Order of Tara - Fellowship of Isis Central Website.