The Grove of Isis & Uta


Wasatch (Piute for Mountain Pass) Valley & Mountains

She of the Ineffable Name, She of Innumberable Names

Mt. Timpanogas-"Sleeping Woman"


The Great Salt Lake

The Jordan River

Working to develop nature's psychic gifts with the great goddess of the land, of all nature, in the locality of the the Wasatch Mountains and with the help and blessings of Isis of 10,000 Names.

The grove works to connect with nature through research of the local wildlife and temples of nature (natural wonders). The grove works to attune with the rythmns of the heavenly bodies and works with psychic development with the help of the great goddess Dana, the Atlantean.

The grove works with many animal totems along with other nature's spiritual friends to gain a greater spiritual consciousness, with the help of Isis of 10,000 Names.