2018 Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Circle

2018 Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Circle

Coordinated by the Lyceum of Isis of Utah in conjunction with the Lyceum of Isis Oasis Sanctuary

All welcome to attend or attune to rite / Held the second Sunday of each month at 2 pm Mountain Standard or 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time

Crone's Hollow, Salt Lake City Utah / Lyceum of Isis of San Francisco / Lyceum of Isis Oasis Sanctuary, Geyserville, California

2018 Schedule:

"Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess" by Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder

January: Earth Magic of Transformation

February: Mars & the Morrigan

March: Venus & Vishnu

April: Mercury & Sophia

May: Space Magic

June: Jupiter & Hathor

July: Time Magic

August: Saturn & Astarte

September: Sun Magic

October: Uranus & Saraswati

November: Magic of Neptune and Ngame

December: Lunar Magic of the Tides

"Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess" by Olivia Robertson FOI Central link:


College of Isis - Star of Ishtar - Magi Ritual Correspondences for the Lyceums of the College of Isis of the Fellowship of Isis (FOI Central):


Sincere thanks to Fellowship of Isis Central for their enduring support! Blessings of Isis of Many Names!