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Saturday, October 13th, 2012, 10 am to 5 pm

Located at:

Crone's Hollow

2470 S. Main Street

Salt Lake City, Utah

$15.00, all events, workshops, rites, etc.

Bazaar Area Free


The Fellowship of Isis Rite: "Isis & Osiris: The Judgement" by Lady Olivia Robertson

Please note, Lady Olivia, sends her blessing, but will not be able to travel to the U.S.A. from Ireland this year. She is doing quite well, but recovery from something minor, and sends her promotion to the events scheduled to Isis by this Lyceum. We look forward to a successful festival to Isis and wish Olivia the best. Olivia has sent us some great contributions for the festival to Isis. More details in the coming weeks and in the event guide.

deTraci Regula

Author of "The Mysteries of Isis", the "Egyptian Scarab Oracle", "Shaking the Sistrum" and founder of Isis-House Publications,

from San Diego, California. Expert on Isis, Ancient Crete & the Sistrum. She will be doing a presentation on "Isis, The Festival Goddess".

Linda Iles

Fellowship of Isis Central Webpage Publisher, Co-editor of Isian News, Devoted Priestess and researcher of Ancient Egypt, The Cat Goddess Bast, and Isis of 10,000 Names from San Deigo, California. Her book "Bast, Cat Goddess of Egypt" will be in print Autumn 2012 and Isis Fest will celebrate the printing of such a great manuscript to Bast. She will be doing a presentation on Bast and the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife Scene titled, "Bast, Herysesheta of Atum".

Caroline Wise

A long time Fellowship of Isis Member from London, England she is an expert on Elen of the Ways "The Green Isis" and the many esoteric and occult concepts. Caroline Wise will give a presentation on Florence Farr, an influential member of the Golden Dawn and Priestess of Isis. Her presentation will involve the notable Florence Farr's play, "The Golden Hawk". Caroline is a long time occult book store owner and publisher. She travels and gives lectures and workshops internationally on the Goddess, the tarot, and the influential pioneering women of The Golden Dawn.

Anniitra Ravenmoon

Anniitra “Makafia Uchati Nu” Ravenmoon, from Los Angeles California, is the founder of the Iseum of the Nubian Moon, and will be dancing at Isis Fest 2012. She is a HaVla Practitioner, Priestess Kindrerd of ShiEndra, and a Priestess of Isis, Sekhmet, Oya, Morrigan, Kali, and Yemoja. She performs North African Oriental Belly Dancing and is the founder of “PowerGoddessess Unleashed”.

Laura Janesdaughter

Laura Janesdaughter is a Priestess of Isis, having answered the call of the Goddess in 1976. She has been a member of the Fellowship of Isis for almost 20 years and her Iseum, Isis Pelagia, is still celebrating its Rituals on the Isis Beach in Los Angeles, California. She has been greatly influenced by the Isis work of Normandi Ellis and M. Isidora Forrest and came under the spell of Normandi’s translation of “The Knot of Isis” which she has adapted as a group prayer for the Temple of Isis/Los Angeles (TOI/LA). She has focused in the last several years on the “Knot” as a healing prayer. She is the Hiero-Mum of TOI/LA and believes that the red magic of Isis courses through all of us.


Presentations on Isis-Goddess of 10,000 Names,

"Isis, The Festival Goddess",

The Goddess of the Uta & other local native Goddesses and spirits of the land,

The Egyptian Afterlife,

"Florence Farr, Priestess of Isis",

Druid Clan of Dana,

Goddess Chanting Circles,

Oracle of Isis,

Festival Dancing to the Goddess,

Scarab Readings,


and more....

Travel accomodations for those traveling from outside Salt Lake City:

Ramada Limited

Ramada Limited Webpage Link

(Located within a close distance to Crone's Hollow, the host location of Isis Fest 2012.)

2455 S. State Street, I-15 & I-80 at State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84115-3135 US

Please ask for the Crone's Hollow discount when reserving your room for the group rate.

Crone's Hollow 2470 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Salt Lake International Airport is the recommend airport for travel to Isis Fest 2012.

Questions about traveling to Salt Lake City?

Please send e-mail to templeofisisutah (at)

We would love to help you make the event to Isis.

Heiroglyphs of the Fellowship of Isis -- Aset Shemsu