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12/31/21: 2022 Liturgy Calendar added focusing upon "Sphinx" alchemical rites and FOI mystery dramas of Homing of Child or Animal Family of Isis, Rite of Rebirth, Isis Wedding Rite and Dulce Domum funerary rite. 2022 FOI Liturgy Calendar

12/29/20: Added information 2021 Liturgy Study Circle w/ "Panthea". Also added footer with advertisement for liturgy circle 2021 on all pages. Blessings of Isis-Panthea! (((shakes sistra)))

8/16/20: New website format added. Our domain name the same but please check other links to make sure accessible.

12/31/19: Added 2020 FOI Liturgy Calendar page. See link: 2020 FOI Liturgy Circle Calendar


12/27/18: Added FOI Isian News page with updated current information on members worldwide. See link: ISIAN NEWS

12/27/18: Updated site map and added 2019 Liturgy Study Circle calendar

1/3/18: 2018 FOI Liturgy Circle calendar announced: https://sites.google.com/site/templeofisisutah/upcoming-events/2018-fellowship-of-isis-liturgy-circle

1/19/17: Updated 2017 FOI Liturgy Circle schedule. "Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess" by Olivia Robertson. FOI Central Liturgy. Blessings.


Link to videos of presentations at 2015 Parliament of Worlds Religions by the Temple of Isis & Fellowship of Isis added to FOI Utah Homepage. Link: YouTube Channel Additional pages and reports about the phenomenal success at the Parliament in the works. Blessings

2016 Liturgy Calendar announced!

“Fortuna, Creation Through the Goddess” by Olivia Robertson

"The Sphinx of Fortuna" by Olivia Robertson, Used with Permission, FOI Central Copyright.

See full 2016 Calendar: 2015/2016 Liturgy Calendar


Pre-Parliament Fellowship Night added to 2015 Parliament of World's Religions Salt Lake City page. A Fellowship of Isis gathering in the same location as Isis Fest & Isis Fest 2012 with Lady Olivia Robertson and Lady Loreon Vigne at Crone's Hollow.

A Facebook event has been created at this link: Fellowship of Isis Fellowship Gathering Night Pre-Parliament

Blessings to all in the name of Isis of 10,000 Names!


The Star of Tara Statement -FOI International

The Star of Tara, an advisory board of the Fellowship of Isis, consists of the following members: Hamsa Devi, David de Roeck, Arthur Freeheart, Maury White-Hereford, Daniel Campbell, Christine Rhone, Johannes Nugroho Onggo Sanusi, Kasey Conder, Carolina A. Amor, Maire Doyle and Linda Iles. The Star of Tara has issued the following:

Statement - Star of Tara

The Star of Tara, an Advisory Board of the Fellowship of Isis, is committed to upholding the vision of Olivia Robertson and Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson. We honor and safeguard the legacy of the work of the three Fellowship of Isis co-founders; continuing their legacy unchanged. We uphold the Fellowship of Isis as initiated by the three co-founders; to resurrect a tenant of vocation to the Divine, be it God or Goddess, furthering awareness of the Goddess, and initiation into Her mysteries. This is as true now as it has always been.

The Star of Tara is for that New Aeon. We still recognize in full the Druid Clan of Dana, Noble Order of Tara, College of Isis, Muses Symposium and types of centers, whether iseums, solar iseums, lyceums, groves and priories under the Sacred FOI Foundation Union Triad. The triad consists of the ArchPriesthood Union, the ArchDruid Union and the Grand Commander Union. We are here to guide assist and walk with all those who have been called to vocation to the Divine.

The three FOI Co-Founders, Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson and Olivia Robertson created the following methods and practices of the Fellowship of Isis. They were written down by Olivia Robertson and published by Cesara Publications, the private publishing house of the FOI Co-Founders. Each numbered section is an exact quote extracted from the source cited in parentheses.

1. “The Fellowship is dedicated to spreading the religion of all the Goddesses throughout this planet. The Gods are also venerated. The Goddess is seen as Deity, the Divine Mother of all beings, as well as the embodiment of Truth and Beauty.” (Original Version of the FOI Manifesto, 1976)

2. “Creativity comes from the harmony of the psychic and earthly spheres. The Goddess needs our help, that She may bring Her era of happiness, wisdom and creativity to this earth. Each member who chooses to join the Fellowship dedicated to the Goddess may give a unique contribution. Every talent is needed.” (Original Version of the FOI Manifesto, 1976)

3. “The Priesthood of the Fellowship of Isis is hereditary in source through the Robertsons of Strathloch, and is passed to priestesses and priests of the Fellowship through the Rite of Ordination, also through touch and oil. Vocation is essential. The Priestesses and Priests may in turn ordain others, either through ceremony or through oil and touch, as was the custom in Ancient Egypt. The ceremony may be conducted at a distance through mutual arrangement.” (Original Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, 1992)

4. a. “Vocation from the Goddess is essential for candidates for the Priesthood. When this Vocation is experienced, the would-be candidate should apply to a member of the Priesthood. Preparation varies according to the ways of each Iseum [or lyceum], but an initiatory period of a year would be the minimum time needed. The candidate chooses the Goddess or Goddess and God she/he wishes to serve in order to help the Deity in the Divine Plan. Ordination by Attunement is only used when the applicant is in an isolated position. Preparation may be made through a Correspondence Course.” (Original Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, 1992)

b. Ordination is bestowed by the F.O.I. Priesthood through the ceremony “Ordination of Priestesses and Priests”, the Rite inspired by Isis for the F.O.I. Liturgy. The same Ordination ceremony conveyed through Telepathic Attunement is as effective as the physical Rite. Telepathy is the language of the New Aeon. (Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, second edition, 1995)

5. “The College of Isis has been revived after its suppression 1,500 years ago. Like Aset Shemsu, the F.O.I. itself, it has always been alive in the Inner Planes. It is from these Inner Planes that its return has been inspired. As the College of Isis is part of the Fellowship, the ideal of the Manifesto also apply. The qualities of Goodness, Harmony and Wisdom are manifested through a multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-cultural Fellowship which honours the good in all faiths. Magi degrees may be conferred through Lyceums of the College. Correspondence courses are offered. There are no vows nor secrecy.” (Original Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, 1992, Second Version of the FOI Manifesto, 1992)

6. “The Goddess Isis alone is Head of Her Fellowship. Within Her Family - Shemsu - all members will still have equal privileges. Membership will continue to be free. F.O.I. is not a Patriarchal Hierarchy, so no member can have spiritual authority over another. Iseums, Lyceums, Groves and Priories will remain on equal footing. Titles describe work undertaken, and are not a badge of authority over people or beliefs.” (Original Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, 1992)

7. “Each Lyceum, through its Dedication, is twinned with an initial Iseum, thus bringing the College into close communion with the wider network of Iseums. The Dedicatory Divine Names of Power of Goddess, or Goddess and God manifest particular attributes of the Deities concerned in the Iseum - Lyceum. Therefore there can be no set curriculum for the College. Deity in its eternal Being contains all aspects mirrored forth through the whole Company of Heaven, from Deities to birds. Thus Hierophants, through inspiration from their particular Deity or Deities, produce their own training Course. This reflects the democratic character of the Fellowship …” (Original College of Isis Manual, 1992)

8. (a.) “The Liturgy of the Fellowship of Isis has been inspired by She whose name it bears; She who is crowned with the stars, is robed by the sun and standeth upon the moon. It deals with earthly, psychic and spiritual spheres.” (Original College of Isis Manual, 1992)

(b.) “All the Arts strengthen Ritual and bring about purposeful changes. When ancient liturgies are recited and words of Power uttered, sound reverberates through the centuries, note calling to note. Words are uttered, even in translation, they reiterate those used in temples for thousands of years. In these Rites for the Fellowship of Isis, ancient invocations, hymns and dialogues are used from ancient liturgies from many religions. For the time has come when Iris, the rainbow messenger, is forming a pattern of beauty from many faiths. … So in these Rites prayers and hymns are used from Karnak, Babylon, Africa, the Norse lands, India, China, Japan, the Celtic countries. For all are relevant, and without one faith the planetary symphony is deficient.” (Introduction, "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess" FOI liturgy book, written by Olivia Robertson, 1988)

9. "As the Goddess Isis inspired the ArchPriesthood Union, so the Goddess Dana and the Goddess Tara have inspired the foundation of the ArchDruid Union of the Druid Clan of Dana and the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara. This triad brings into harmony the Priesthood, the Mysteries and Philosophy, and Environmental Activity. The inspired guidance came through Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson at Isis Oasis, USA. The three Unions form a triad of equal importance, they are on the same level, share the same format and same scope of work. All three Foundation Unions are protected by the Wings of Isis, inspired by the Holy Grael of Dana and strengthened by the Sacred Mounds of Tara." (Announcement by Olivia Robertson, published in Isian News, Issue no. 134, Samhain, 2009; Isis-Seshat Journal, Issue no. 24, December, 2009)

The above statement is supported by the following, who are pledged to honor and safeguard the legacy of the work of the three Fellowship of Isis co-founders; continuing their legacy unchanged, which also includes all the FOI centres and communities they represent in perpetuity:

Star of Tara Advisory Board

Circle of Isis Advisory Board

Circle of the Sacred Cauldron Advisory Board

FOI Germany

Fellowship of Isis Central

Fellowship of Isis Utah

Circulo de Isis

FOI Chicago

FOI London

Irmandade de Isis

Compagnia de Iside

11/16/14: Two new pages added for upcoming events 2015 Parliament of World's Religions Salt Lake City & 2015 Liturgy Calendar

7/16/14: In Memoriam: Dulce Domum: Loreon Vigne, Founder Isis Oasis Sanctuary, Temple of Isis, ArchPriestess, Fellowship of Isis

"On the Wings of Isis-Dulce Domum: Loreon Vigne by Caroline Wise: https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisiscentral/dulce-domum-loreon-vigne

Loreon Vigne Biography by Fellowship of Isis Central Site & News: https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisiscentral/loreon-vigne-biography

"Lady Loreon dies at age 82" by Deborah Mitchel Serval "Press Democrat" http://geyserville.towns.pressdemocrat.com/2014/07/photos/lady-loreon-vigne-dies-age-82/

Loreon Vigne will be greatly missed! A true visionary and priestess of Isis. The world will be a better place because of Loreon. Many blessings dear friend and we wish you well on your spiritual journey.

4/10/14: Updated The Noble Order of Tara & The Priory of the Breath of Isis pages.

Update About the Goddess Isis


2014 Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Schedule

Lyceum of Isis of Utah


The Lyceum and friends will be working with “Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess” by Lady Olivia Robertson and the one annual rite from “Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess” also by Lady Olivia Robertson.

Ray information used from the Fellowship of Isis Central Webpage on the Spiral of Tiamat, Star of Ishtar.

January (Ray 0 & VIII, White and Rainbow, corresponding to Earth and Pluto, North): The Creation of Life Forms - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS NUT

February (Ray I, Red, corresponding to Mars, Northeast): The Dawn of the Inner Sun - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS NANA BULUKU

March (Ray II, Orange, corresponding to Venus, East): Opening of the Heart's Rose - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS VENUS

April (Ray II, Orange, corresponding to Venus, East): From “Dea”. Spring Rite of Good Health – ORACLE OF THE GODDESS DANA

May (Ray III, Yellow, corresponding to Mercury, Southeast): Unfolding Wings - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ANAHITA

June (Ray IV, Green, corresponding to Jupiter, South): Initiation of the Pylons - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ISIS

July (Ray IV, Green, corresponding to Jupiter, South): Music of the Spheres - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS MAYA

August (Ray V, Blue, corresponding to Saturn, Southwest): Opening the Eye of Vision - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS BRIGHID

September (Ray VI, Indigo, corresponding to Uranus & Inner Sun, West): The Descent of the White Eagle - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS BRYNHILDE

October (Ray VI, Indigo, corresponding to Uranus & Inner Sun, West): Crowned with Glory - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ISHTAR

November (Ray VII, Violet, corresponding to Neptune and Moon, Northwest): Lighting the Rainbow Aura - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS TARA

December (Ray VII, Violet, corresponding to Neptune and Moon, Northwest): Arousing the Kundalini Serpent - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS KUNDALINI


This Sunday, December 1st 2013, at 12:30 pm at Crones' Hollow there will be memorial in celebration to Lady Olivia Robertson. Olivia was such an inspiration.

Lady Olivia Robertson Great Salt Lake Antelope Island 2011. Photo by Kasey Conder.


Last night, I felt a strong surge of angelic crystalline light really raising the vibrations of the room. I had a strong sense Lady Olivia had passed. I did not want to validate the notion. This morning I awoke to find the news the Lady ...Olivia Robertson has left this earthly sphere. She was such a great friend and Priestess to the Goddess Isis. I would have to say the week she came to Utah for the inaugural Isis Fest with deTraci Regula in 2011 was one of the best weeks of my life. She was so alive and sharp at the age of 94. A true medium of Isis. Olivia is my favorite artist and by far the most intuitive individual I have ever met. I am so blessed to be able to work with her. The work she did for Isis of 10,000 Names is immeasurable, her legacy through the Fellowship of Isis lives. I miss her greatly. Blessings and love to Olivia by the Wings of Isis, Your friend, Kasey. Photo Lady Olivia Robertson by Kasey Conder at Isis Oasis Sanctuary: Convocation of Muth 2010.


FOI Liturgy Schedule for 2013

February Time Magic Oracle of Neith from Urania

March Cesara’s Ark Oracle of Magna Mater from Fortuna

April Rite of Good Health Dea Oracle of Dana from Dea

May Rite of Rebirth Oracle of Goddess Allat

June Initiation of the Pylons Oracle of Isis from Melusina

July Magical Journey to Sirius Oracle of the Goddess Isis

August Festival of Opet Oracle of the Goddess Muth

September Utah; The Enchanted Doorway Parts I & II Oracle of Uta-Ha from Athena

October Communion with the World of Spirits Oracle of Brighid from Panthea

November Mystery of Awakening Osiris Oracle of Isis from Dea

December Sun Magic of the Life Force Oracle of Kundalini from Urania

10/25/12: Updated Recommended Reading

9/1/12: Title of Linda Iles presentation updated on Isis Fest 2012 page called, "Bast, Herysesheta of Atum". We are in for a real treat from such a well researched author and Fellowship of Isis member.

8/31/12: "Bast, Cat Goddess of Egypt" by Linda Iles to be released for Isis Fest 2012. Linda will give a presentation on Bast & the Egyptian Afterlife.

8/31/12: Added to Isis Fest Page: Please note, Lady Olivia will not be able to make it from Ireland this year. She is recovering from a fall earlier this year, but recovering quite well, but sends her promotion to the events scheduled to Isis by this Lyceum. We look forward to a successful festival to Isis and wish Olivia the best. Olivia has sent us some great contributions for the festival to Isis. More details to in coming weeks and in the event guide.

7/29/12: Laura Janesdaughter added as presenter for Isis Fest. We are honored to have her do a presentation on the Thet Knot of Isis. More details at ISIS FEST 2012

7/24/12 (Pioneer Day, Utah): New information and links added to about the Goddess Dana, The Druid Clan of Dana, and The Grove of Isis & Uta on Druid Clan of Dana. Also initial information added to The Grove of Isis & Uta.

7/22/12: Added links to National Park & Momuments of places of interest in the land of Uta-Ha on "The Goddess Utah" page. More databases to be added to druidic Uta pages in future of native wildlife of the land with ongoing druidic work of Dana, Isis & Uta. Blessings of Dana the Atlantean.

5/28/12: Caroline Wise (London U.K.) and Anniitra Ravenmoon (Long Beach, CA, USA) added as presenters for ISIS FEST 2012 on Saturday October 13th, 2012. See more details on the ISIS FEST 2012 page.

5/9/12: de Traci Regula page updated.

3/25/12: Iseum of Muth page updated.

3/25/12: New material added to the Fellowship of Isis Co-Founders' pages. Articles and photos used with permission and submitted by Linda Iles and the Fellowship of Isis Central Webpage. Many thanks is given to Lady Olivia and Linda Iles for granting us permission to use such pieces on the "Isis of Utah" Webpage. Blessings.

3/25/12: Linda Iles, Prs. H., Secretary of the Circle of Isis and Fellowship of Isis Central Webpage, has been added as our honored guest and will be giving a presentation at Isis Fest 2012 on the Egyptian afterlife judgment titled, "House of the Heart".

2/17/12: Added Utah Fellowship of Isis Center web pages. Guestbook added to website.

2/7/12: Check out all the new webpages being built. More soon to come and official announcement of webpage too.

2/7/12: New artwork of Goddess Uta-Ha added by Lady Olivia Robertson. Copyrighted. Used with artist permission. Original published in Issue Number 143 Brigantia 2012 of Isian News.


New web page being built!