2022 FOI Liturgy Calendar

2022 FOI Liturgy Calendar


2022: "Sphinx, Goddess Myths and Mysteries" by Olivia Robertson & other FOI rites

(All rites from “Sphinx” unless noted)

January: Homing of a Child” (Panthea) &/or Animal Family of Isis Rite “Litany of Earth” or “Awakening Osiris” (Dea)

February: Ray One (Red): “The Pyre of Sita”

March: Ray Two (Orange): “The Roc’s Egg”

April: “Rite of Rebirth” (same title as booklet)

May: Ray Three (Yellow): “Scota, The Heretic Princess”

June: FOI “The Wedding Rite” (same title as booklet)

July: Ray Four (Green): “The Luck of Troy”

August: Ray Five (Blue): “Trail of Tears”

September: Ray Six (Indigo): “The Coming Forth by Day”

October: “Dulce Domum: The Soul Returns Home” (Panthea)

November: Ray Seven (Violet): “Melusina of the Dragon Power”

December: Ray Zero/Eight (White & Rainbow): “Bread of Angels”


"Sphinx, Goddess Myths and Mysteries" by Olivia Robertson: https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisisliturgy/sphinx-goddess-myths-and-mysteries?authuser=0

Star of Tiamat from “Sphinx”: https://www.foicentral.org/star-of-ishtar---sphinx

FOI Liturgy Booklets Table of Contents (FOI Central): https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisisliturgy/

Isis of Uta-Ha www.isisofutah.org