About the Fellowship of Isis of Utah

Isis Fest 2011-the inaugral, featuring Lady Olivia Robertson & deTraci Regula


About the Fellowship of Isis Utah

The Fellowship of Isis Utah - Lyceum of Isis of Utah offers public rituals, roundtable discussions, course coorespondence at times based on a modernized calendar relating to ancient festivals and mysteries surrounding the Goddess Isis.

The Fellowship of Isis Utah is one branch that is very much a part of the International Fellowship of Isis.

Founded in 2008, by Kasey Conder & Alexius Gallegos, the FOIUT has grown and offered to the community public communion and ritual with Isis and bases much of its teachings from deTraci Regula, Normandi Ellis, Lady Olivia Robertson, and an assortment of Isian traditions composed within the Fellowship of Isis. For information on the Fellowship of Isis Manifesto please see: FOI Manifesto

The Fellowship of Isis Utah is also known as the Temple of Isis Utah. Lady Loreon Vigne chartered the Temple of Isis Utah branch from the legal non profit in Geyserville, California at Isis Oasis Sanctuary, the Temple of Isis. The Temple of Isis Utah is also a 501c3 in Utah founded by Kasey Conder, Alexius Gallegos and Nathan Neville. The Temple of Isis Utah and Fellowship of Isis Utah, respectfully, have hosted many public rituals and workshops over the years.

Isis is seen as our great friend, sister, mother, and redeemer. We commune with her to gain a greater understanding of the mysteries of life and death and create balance and improvement within ourselves, our community, the planet, and with that essence of all that is. We do not practice dogma, we practice "catma", as coined by the Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne. We revere the 42 Ideals of Ma'at (TOI 42 Ideals of Ma'at) but of course not as a dogma but as a guide. We also very much so revere the translation of "Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead" by Normandi Ellis. We also honor the God Osiris and Horus the Falcon Headed God of the Sun.

Our greater advancement is aided by Isis. We do not practice blind faith or worship. Isis does not require this, nor does she want this. We practice the rituals surrounding her traditions to unravel the mysterty that lies within her as well as ourselves. We very much have an Egyptian base to our rites but we also see that the Goddess has manifested herself through many cultures and many times so we do deviate to honor Isis of 10,000 Names.

We devote ourselves to her mysteries. She offers her blessings. We love and adore her.

Since 2008, the Lyceum has offered public rites to Isis of 10,000 Names, with continual observances to the following festivals/seasonal celebrations:

Imbloc: Feast of Light of the Godddess Neith

March 5th/21st (Vernal Equinox): Plioaphesia a.k.a. Isidis Navigium (Ancient Greco-Roman Isis Sea-Faring Festival)

April: Fellowship of Isis Rite of Good Health: Oracle of the Goddess Dana

June: Bast Fest

August 11th: Egyptian New Years Celebration in honor to Star of Isis, Sirius.

November: Osiris Rite

December: Horus Rite

This year in conjuction with these rites the following FOI Litrgy will be studied and performed:

2013 FOI Liturgy Schedule (FOI Liturgy by Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder FOI)

February Time Magic Oracle of Neith from Urania

March Cesara’s Ark Oracle of Magna Mater from Fortuna

April Rite of Good Health Dea Oracle of Dana from Dea

May Rite of Rebirth Oracle of Goddess Allat

June Initiation of the Pylons Oracle of Isis from Melusina

July Magical Journey to Sirius Oracle of the Goddess Isis

August Festival of Opet Oracle of the Goddess Muth

September Utah; The Enchanted Doorway Parts I & II Oracle of Uta-Ha from Athena

October Communion with the World of Spirits Oracle of Brighid from Panthea

November Mystery of Awakening Osiris Oracle of Isis from Dea

December Sun Magic of the Life Force Oracle of Kundalini from Urania

From Left to Right: Kasey Conder, Lady Olivia Robertson, deTraci Regula, Iyata Bond & grandson, & Nathan Neville.

Altar to the Goddesss Isis at inaugral Isis Fest (2011).

Bast Fest Altar 2011